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Helping connect children to the right Independent schools to experience academic success and pastoral care in a boarding and day environment. A child first approach.

Richard and Rachel have been Headmaster and Head of Pastoral Care respectively for 35 years at three Independent Preparatory boarding schools both in the UK and Africa. They have guided pupils in their care to the finest schools in the UK. With a lifetime of connections they are available to help connect your child to the right school for them.

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Richard & Rachel Foster

What we offer

We offer three tiers of service depending on your requirements.


As a start we are here to understand any challenges you and your family may have with aspects of your educational choices. Talk to us, we’ll listen and support you with guidance and advice on what we believe might be the right course of action for your child and your family. A welcome shoulder to lean on. A first step.

“As a family, we have known Richard and Rachel for ten years. With his many years as Head Master at prominent prep schools in both Britain and Kenya, Richard is well known and well respected by key decision makers within the Independent Schools community. He has a wealth of information about those schools and about the people who manage them. He has years of extensive experience dealing with the admissions process and determining which schools are the best fit for a child. He is in constant contact with many senior staff at these schools.

Richard and Rachel’s experience living and working overseas gives them a unique advantage and global perspective. They understand the benefits and opportunities a boarding school education can offer, but also the challenges of being an international student. They are well versed in all the steps a family needs to take in order to facilitate a child’s start to an Independent Education in Britain. Equally important, they are sympathetic to the many, sometimes not so easy decisions and challenges that those international families have to make and take on. No matter what, Richard and Rachel are always there to answer questions and be of help.”

Mr Andrew Wilbur (parent).


We will spend time with you and your child, asking questions, listening and understanding their individual needs and what kind of environment might best suit them, helping with specific advice and tailored recommendations. A deeper commitment.

“We can think of no better education professionals to advise parents on the right schools for their children.  In addition, the wealth of experience they have in managing children - their behaviour, performance and well-being - gives parents a mine of information to draw on.  We have always found their counsel regarding our three children to be sensitive, thoughtful and above all hugely helpful.”

Mr Jeremy and Mrs Clare Evans (parents).


A more complete offer, taking time to travel to you, to meet you, your family and your child to better understand exactly the challenge and the right educational solution. We will assist and introduce your child to the school and escort the child to the assessment if required. A complete solution.

“Since we have just arrived from overseas, it was not so easy for us to comprehend all the intricacies of the British education system. It was also the first experience of a boarding school for our daughters, hence all of us were both excited and nervous. What a delight it was to discover that Mr. and Mrs. Foster could not only put our concerns to rest by addressing each question we had with facts, true honesty and transparency but they also gave us insights into the education system that was alien to us, so that we could make sense of it and put our minds at rest. Mr. Foster was always punctual, attentive, involved and timely to respond to any queries we had and was very attentive to our needs. He was highly regarded and respected both by parents and pupils, and had a rare ability to communicate so eloquently yet in such simple terms so that everyone could grasp the information conveyed with ease. Mr. Foster was able to analyze the personality of each of our daughters, the interests and natural abilities in subjects, while Mrs. Foster added the understanding of the psychology. Together they could make a great suggestion of which education path to take forwards, which schools to consider not only from the ranking stand point but their appropriateness for our child, the destination that would match not only abilities but personality and interests. Thanks to the direction and advise of Mr. and Mrs. Foster we could make the right decisions and actions in order to be admitted to our daughters’ first choice schools. We were also given very practical advice of the entry rules that helped us a lot in our preparation for the admission. If not for Mr. and Mrs. Foster we would have struggled along the way.”

Mr Maxim Rubin (parent).

Connections A-Z

With connections to the leading boarding and day schools, we are able to offer insight and open doors to the right establishment for your child and family.

Abberley Hall


Ardingly College

Aysgarth School


The Beacon

Beaudesert School

Beeston Hall

Belhaven School

Bilton Grange


Bruern Abbey


Cargilfield School

Cheam School 

Cheltenham College Prep

Clayesmore Prep

Clifton Colllege Prep

Copthorne School

Cottesmore School 

Cranleigh Prep School

Cumnor House

Danes Hill School

The Downs Malvern

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Brighton College




Cheltenham Ladies College

Cheltenham College

Christ Hospital

Clifton College


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I am not sure I can think of anyone who will have supported more children through Prep School than Richard and Rachel; or more parents in making a good and informed choice for the next stage of their journeys. That journey always started with a deep, caring knowledge of each child and a current awareness of Senior schools, which is why as a head I always trusted Richard’s recommendations and the information he provided to ensure transition was smooth. Whether you are looking for advice in moving on, or help navigating the sometimes choppy waters of parenthood, I could not think of a partnership better placed than Richard and Rachel Foster to advise you.

Mr Martin Reader
Cranleigh School


I have known Richard and Rachel for many years having been Head of Admissions at Cranleigh for over 20 years and working with them closely over this time. They both have a wealth of knowledge on all senior schools throughout the Country, large and small co-ed or Single sex. Richard and Rachel would certainly help and reassure, support and help any parents worried about the next step for their child.

Mr Steve Batchelor
Head of Admissions
Cranleigh School
Olympic gold medallist


I have known Richard and Rachel since they arrived at Windlesham House in 2007.  As Marlborough’s Senior Admissions Tutor I had plenty of dealings with them over the years and allcommunications with and visits to Windlesham impressed me. Schools are in their blood, and witnessing streams of conversations with young children and colleagues I marvelled at the way they empathised with so many people and were able to nudge, guide, care for and inspire the community there. Windlesham House is one of the few national Prep Schools.  Its pupils go on to so many different schools, and as a result of the broad net cast by the school, Richard and Rachel know the senior school world very well indeed. Their ability to understand admissions processes and their knowledge of the character of so many schools is unrivalled. Their grasp of the international world is impressive too. I have met Richard in many different locations, and as a result of a conversation at 35,000 feet I ended up as a governor at Windlesham. The experience of working with them at the school underlined their extraordinary ability to advise, care for detail and juggle so many different aspects of school life. Their experience will undoubtedly continue to help point people in the right direction.

Dr Niall Hamilton.
Director of International Admissions
Marlborough College



Richard and Rachel bring buckets of experience to anything to do with giving children the best. Not only have they led several successful schools, built hundreds of successful relationships and shepherded thousands of children to the right track, they have faced their own challenges and learned from each one. Reflective, thoughtful, knowledgeable and full of love, you couldn't seek better support with your children than Richard and Rachel.

Mr Chris Wheeler
Monkton Combe School



Richard and Rachel Foster could not be better placed to advise prospective parents on the varied and, at times, daunting landscape that is the independent schools sector and their respective admissions requirements. Having been at the helm of three well-established prep school communities they fully appreciate the many academic and pastoral nuances that shape each schools’ identity. Those children who have come our way, via Richard and Rachel, have truly thrived at Oundle and have made the transition with complete ease.”

Mr Jonny Hammond-Chambers
Oundle school


Having worked alongside Richard and Rachel for many years, both when they were at Windlehsam and also St Anselm’s, I know how much care they took when placing their children in Senior Schools. Their in-depth knowledge of the Senior Schools and their care for young people and their families meant that the needs of the children were at the heart of any recommendations they made to their parents. They combined professionalism and efficiency with great warmth and care.

Mrs Emma McKendrick
Downe House


Richard and Rachel’s breadth of experience within the prep school world and matching generations of pupils with the right senior school makes them uniquely well placed to offer objective independent advice as to what schools might suit which children. Quite simply, they know the questions that should be asked, and they have a rich, first hand experience, of both prep and senior schools. Just as parents value their advice, senior schools value their recommendations. I can’t endorse their skill set and experience highly enough.

Mr Charlie Bostock
Uppingham School



I have known Richard Foster for the last 10 years. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with prep school children and providing excellent references to senior schools. Richard was a traditional prep school head in the best way; someone who knew his pupils well and would always champion them but only to the schools he believed to be right.

Mr Andrew Shedden
Winchester College




As an enviably experienced team from their time working together at Windlesham House, Richard and Rachel are eminently suited to understanding the academic and pastoral needs of your child. These video clips are a testament to that ability from two very happy families.

Understanding your children’s needs.
Richard’s qualities and skills.
Rachel’s qualities and skills.
Understanding of parent challenges.


The greatest testimonial is surely those of the children Richard and Rachel have supported and guided during their time at Windlesham House and onto the schools that are right for them where they have flourished and succeeded.

Having experienced their leadership of Windlesham House prep school, I can safely say that Mr and Mrs Foster are seasoned experts in all matters concerning education. Whilst understanding the importance of academic rigour and encouraging pupils to further pursue their interests and find new ones, I think the most crucial part of a child’s education and something I truly believe the Fosters are second to none at, is ensuring a child’s happiness. 

Mr and Mrs Foster were so incredibly important to building my self-confidence, helping me find my interests and really supporting me to pursue them. I started at Windlesham as a rather shy child and left feeling like I could take on the world, totally prepared for senior school. They created such a friendly, inclusive, kind, and fun atmosphere at Windlesham that I completely came out of my shell. I went to Wellington College and now study Human Geography at Exeter University, and the skills that I learnt at Windlesham have carried me through all elements of my education. These skills were not only academic but mainly communication skills, which I still rely on today, particularly when doing interviews or applications. I cannot thank Mr and Mrs Foster enough for their kindness in those formative years and believe that many of my ambitions for the future were fuelled by their unrelenting support and belief in me. Even when I struggled, with subjects, friendships, or a lack of confidence, I knew they were always there to talk to, and I was never afraid to approach them. My time at Windlesham was some of the best years of my life so far, and I really have Mr and Mrs Foster to thank for that.  


Senior Leadership Positions

We are also willing and able to offer independent advice and insight to those who are considering to apply for a Senior Leadership post within their current school or indeed elsewhere. We can assist with discussing the pros and cons of the job description, the style and presentation of the CV, preparing a letter of application and most importantly provide interview practice.

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